The ExaLINK Fusion collects data traffic statistics when a FPGA module with mux, switch or fastmux firmware is installed.

Sent and received packet counters can be viewed using the show port command. Please refer to the port page for more information.

Latency statistics

Note: This feature is for the mux firmware only.

The ExaLINK Fusion records aggregated statistics on the time it takes for packets to traverse the device when using switch or mux objects. The latency statistics can be viewed using the show latency command:

[email protected]> port B1 show latency
Total packets : 5858442

Percentile Latency
---------- -------
maximum    107 ns
99.99      107 ns
99.90      107 ns
99.00      101 ns
95.00      101 ns
90.00      101 ns
75.00      101 ns
50.00      95 ns
25.00      95 ns
minimum    95 ns

The latency number is the time it takes from the packet entering the ingress port at the front panel, to the time it leaves the egress port at the front panel.

By default, the show latency command shows latency statistics for the last minute. To show the latency statistics for a different length of time, the last argument can be used to specify the number of minutes of statistics to show. For example, to show the latency statistics for the last 10 minutes:

[email protected]> port B1 show latency last 10

Because of memory limitations, older latency data is aggregated, so the statistics shown using this command may include more than the requested length of time.

This page was last updated on May-14-2019.