About the ExaLINK Fusion


The ExaLINK Fusion is a uniquely flexible top-of-rack switch with a unique and modular architecture. As a low latency switch, it allows for 95ns switching, 39ns forwarding and aggregation and sub 5ns layer 1 patching and tapping, all within the same device.

Extensible by design, the Fusion features two internal module bays that are both fully interconnected via a high speed, reconfigurable layer 1 switch. This allows deployment of both Exablaze developed modules as well as customer developed logic directly to the FPGA itself.

Render of the ExaLINK Fusion

The ExaLINK Fusion

Overview of features

A unique architecture that provides an unprecedented level of control over your network.

  • Tap, patch and replicate data electronically and with very low and deterministic latency. Tapping using the Fusion is far more flexible than using traditional optical taps, and does not suffer from signal degradation associated with high-fanout tapping. Patching allows the Fusion to dynamically reconfigure the physical topology of your network with very low latency overhead. Both patching and tapping/replication is done at port to port latencies of 5ns.
  • Mux and aggregate feeds with low and deterministic latency. Useful in situations where sharing of a common network resource is required (for example, an order line), muxing delivers the industry's lowest latency of 55ns port to port.
  • Full Layer 2 switching where many hosts communicate with each other is fully supported and is performed at 95ns latency, the industry's lowest.
  • Timestamping and logging of data flows through the Fusion to 2.8ns of accuracy is supported, with multiple time synchronization options available. Additionally, the Fusion can be delivered with a stable oven baked oscillator option for low drift hold-over in the event that PPS (pulse-per-second) input or other sources of reference time are lost.
  • Development of custom applications can be achieved by pushing FPGA applications directly to the Fusion.

Accepts all SFP+ modules

The Fusion works with all brands of SFP+ modules and is not tied to a particular brand.

Other features

  • Dedicated Ethernet management port
  • Robust and intuitive command line interface (CLI)
  • SNMP-compatible management, for integration with network management and monitoring infrastructure
  • Switch configuration, including per-port filtering
  • Software updates via USB, HTTP, TFTP, console or web interface
  • Access to management interfaces via serial console and Ethernet interfaces
  • Monitoring of available SFP+ parameters, including SFP+ model information and dynamic parameters such as received power, transmitted power and temperature
  • Log access via CLI and remote logging via syslog
  • TACACS+ and AAA

This page was last updated on Jul-07-2020.